Environmental Impact Assessment Services

In accordance with international environmental impact assessment guidelines and Iranian regulatory requirements, we emphasis on a participatory approach in carrying out EIA. Contributions from stakeholders and studying a person in public are often mandatory and are likely to result in a smooth EIA process favorable to all parties. 

Our Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) services extend to a wide range of areas, and we collaborate with esteemed international partners. We conduct specialized EIAs for:

  • Onshore and Offshore Oil Field Development and Operation: Assessing the environmental impact of oil field projects, both onshore and offshore, to ensure responsible exploration and production practices.

  • Oil and Gas Pipelines, High Voltage Power Lines: Evaluating the potential environmental effects of oil and gas pipelines and high voltage power lines to minimize ecological disturbances.

  • Refineries and Manufacturing Industries: Conducting EIAs for refineries and manufacturing facilities to address environmental concerns and promote sustainable industrial practices.

  • Major Bridges, Tunnels, Causeways, Roads, Railways, Light Rail, and Metros: Analyzing the environmental impact of large infrastructure projects to mitigate any adverse effects on local ecosystems and communities.

  • Ports and Airports: Assessing the environmental consequences of port and airport expansions to ensure minimal ecological disruption and compliance with regulations.

  • Urban and Waterfront Developments: Conducting comprehensive EIAs for urban and waterfront projects to foster sustainable urban growth and preserve natural habitats.

  • Onshore and Offshore Wind Farms: Evaluating the environmental impact of wind farm developments, both onshore and offshore, to promote clean energy initiatives.

Our expertise in conducting specialized EIAs ensures that your projects adhere to regulatory requirements and embrace environmentally responsible practices. Partner with us to achieve successful project outcomes while safeguarding the environment.